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Silicone sex doll adult high quality doll masturbator

Silicone sex doll is the best quality sex dolls, and it is also an increasingly popular love doll because it is non-toxic, harmless, odorless and intimate contact is very soft. Silicone sex dolls are made of high-density, cold-formed, skin. The texture is clearly visible, like the really perfect body line, it can be stored for a long time without deformation, not easy to damage, durable, accompanied by durable, stable material, not easy to oxidize, not aging, heat resistance, deformation, higher fidelity.

Silicon Sex Doll Recognized as Luxury Sex Dolls

A love doll that people can't put down

Because of their liveliness, silicone love dolls are not only used as adult toys. They serve as models for events, photographers and filmmakers, including fashion shows and interiors, as "living" mannequins because they have many different poses. We welcome you as Premiumsexdoll doll owners We offer art and dreams All our dolls offer a flexible combination Which one suits you? The best sex dolls are easy to find here.

True Touch skin

In 2015, we developed a new blend called Silicon Real Touch skin, this new material to create a more realistic feel and more natural texture, all dolls body is produced by professional sculptor, all the baby's hand Both feet and feet are by young professional female models copied. Each head has its own unique beauty and the variety of different styles gives everyone more choice. The inner structure of our life size silicone sex doll consists of galvanized metal skeleton and various mechanical parts. With a realistic appearance and soft and flexible feel and texture, very close to the real person.

Silicone sex dolls Extreme detail

We have developed a special program that extracts the largest amount of details from the original form, hands, feet and torso, vagina, anus, etc. We often use real models to create the master model, we can extract so much from this mold The realistic details, we need to manually remove the natural fingerprint from the main model to protect privacy, so when our customers feast on our dolls, they will surprised by the level of details provided by our dolls so that the doll can be with us closer and perfect. The sex doll's breasts are very soft and the inside is a very soft silicone body that feels like a real woman's skin.

Natural pose skeleton

The skeleton has gone through several transformations: We designed our connection system to allow smoother operation and increased durability by using all high-quality metal parts. The hinge system is designed to limit durability. Humans have a similar range of body movements, so our dolls don't portray unnatural postures. As part of skeleton development, we also provide two types of joint options, and the fixed joint system is designed for better photographic posture. Loose joint option offers a more relaxed model for better intimate company.

What is a silicone doll?

Silicone sex dolls are luxury sex dolls made of silicone material. The silicone heart doll itself is harder than TPE, so it can be painted with skin texture and blood vessels, making the entire surface of the doll very realistic. Silicone is the raw material used to make luxury sex dolls. Silocone sex doll are the closest thing to a real-life sex doll. When you see the pictures of silicone dolls for the first time, you will be shocked by the realism of silicone dolls.

Owning a silicone love doll has several advantages:

Your silicone doll is very similar to a real woman. The doll skin feels silky soft and the body feels real.

You will also quickly find that a sex doll has a good weight. It weighs significantly less than a real person, but still weighs enough to feel like you're having sex with a real person while having sex.

The silicone likes to take on the ambient temperature and stores it a little longer than the material TPE, which is also used for dolls. Taking a bath with your doll will keep her warm longer.

The love openings of your sex doll will bring you great pleasure. The mouth and vulva in particular are visually very realistic and also pleasantly narrow. A real pleasure with preheated lubricant!

Why more people choose silicone dolls?

Sex Dolls Help and Heal Your Soul

Like many sex workers, they can help and heal the spirit. Especially the convenience and discreetness of the way of purchase makes many people prefer selective sex doll silicone as sexual partners or just masturbation toys. Different regions, different nationalities, different body shapes and decorative features make the choices more abundant and free. Even evolving sex robots are selling out their independence. Everyone can be called a work of art, just like a real person cannot be copied or replaced.

not infected with AIDS

Sexually transmitted infections are a growing concern. Many people think that they can observe contagious infections, and believe that they can always find out through some clues. What I didn't know, however, is that most infections are asymptomatic and some medical treatments don't fully cover them. However, we still recommend using condoms to prevent accidental transmission of infection.

no emotional shackles

Whether it's a sexual partner, a girlfriend, or a wife, we all need to be emotionally invested and need to come back, and that can sometimes become a burden. This is inevitable and cannot be resolved. At this time, silicone sex dolls are a perfect choice.

Satisfy the imagination

Rubber sex dolls can also satisfy the fantasies in your heart and make your fantasies come true. Dolls have more and more believable visual and tactile senses, more realistically presented in front of you, try to imagine the beautiful pictures in TV movies and games.

Eliminate problems with real people

Nowadays, more and more people are unwilling to marry and have children because of the pressure of life, work and interpersonal relationship. Interpersonal relationships are especially complex, especially with those close to you.

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